what psychoanalysis is not?

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…what did Charlie Brown say about himself, if any? I hope you only hear your laughter from watching the video above!

Psychoanalysis does not propose any agenda or suggestion in regard to what kind of life or opinion is better, right, or correct. Neither does psychoanalysis superimpose theoretical understanding over the uniqueness of each person who enters the clinic. This means that psychoanalysis is not judgmental to what is being said in the clinic. Instead, there is worth in closely listening to the language of the patient.

Every psychoanalyst must work through each of our own psychoanalysis before standing at the position to work with others psychoanalytically. That means, I was once a patient, too.

Moreover, this non-judgemental freedom is embedded not only on the side of the psychoanalyst, in her act of listening. To say whatever that comes to your mind without reserve, without judgement on its content or expression—this courage gives words and time for psychoanalytic symptoms to be enveloped with contingent meanings and new uses, from which, radical act can take place in the real.