A place for your unconscious to speak with dignity.

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An apple too big, or a room too small?
What lays behind the apple?

At times, you might find yourself not knowing what to do with issues and experiences that strongly affect you. Just like the apple in the painting above, it occupies the room without us knowing why it is there, where it is from, what it does, why we care . . .

Perhaps what many consider as mental-health problems and psychological disorders are not less unknown than the apple in the room. Is the “apple” the same thing for everybody? Are pain and suffering inevitable in all walks of life? Does knowing the answers, learning more about oneself, guarantee the improvements you desire?

Here, doubt is a good place to start. Rene Magritte titled the above painting “The Listening Room”—there lies value in giving space to say whatever comes to your mind without reserve, without knowing why.

About me

Hello! My name is Vera Yung.

I maintain a practice of psychoanalysis in Lacanian orientation. My practice is in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and sometimes German.

My experience lies in working with children, teenagers, and adults with an international and migrational background who have relocated to Berlin.

Contact me…

…if you are experiencing difficulties from:

  • Effects of traumas (depression, anxiety, paranoia, phobia, suicidal thought, guilt, insomnia etc.)
  • Psychoses (hallucinations, delusions, schizophrenia etc.)
  • Migration, exile, “integration”
  • Racism
  • Feelings of loneliness, being excluded; fear of missing out
  • Feelings or fear that your life has been a waste; in paralysis
  • Feelings that you are inauthentic, or that you are incapable of doing what you want
  • Narcissism of self and/or others
  • Losses and grief
  • Medically unknown bodily symptoms (fatigues, bodily pain etc.)
  • Addictions or compulsive behavior (drug/alcohol addiction, sex addiction, eating disorder etc.)
  • Gender orientations and identities / Transgender etc.
  • Life transitions (career, political-orientation, religious beliefs etc.)
  • Relationship or family issues (conflicts, violence, abuse etc.)